Can't add existing collection to API as Contract Test

I am unable to add an existing collection to an existing API in the designer. The collection is added in previous versions in the API designer.

What am I doing wrong or is something not working as expected?

API Designer with latest api version of 1.4.2.

API Designer with trying to add collection that exists in the workspace.

Collection that exists in the workspace.

Previous version of the API with collection in the contract testing section of the API.

When trying to tag the existing collection with the version 1.4.2, the version does not exist in the list to choose from. Why is that?


Help on this would be tremendous as I’m perplexed.

Bug Report in Github project:

@darren.capner I’ve just responded on the Github thread. Paraphrasing the post here too:

The latest release (Postman v9) changes this flow a little bit. Versions now represent parallel lines of development for an API, and releases (new construct) represent the state of the API version at a point in time. You can also “view” releases (this will show you snapshots of the API definition and any collections in the release).

Collections can only belong to one version at a time, but you can create a release on your API version (described here - Once this is done, you’ll be able to create documentation/mock servers/monitors by specifying any of the release tags created on the collection. Version tags that have already been created in older versions of Postman will continue to show up while creating documentation. A more complete explanation of changes can be found at