I can't tell now if collections are syncing or not

With this release of workspaces, it’s really confusing. All my folders are grey, and now I can’t tell if I am syncing folders with other team members. There’s no status or list of “team” collections that are part of my personal workspace. Or do I have to make them part of a team workspace and do I have to re-share? If so, will they update? No one noticed and now we all have changes we’ve made in our own collections that were synced before. Seems the collection is in both workspaces now and we’re not sure which one to work in and how to sync properly anymore.

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@Mastro2k Changes to a collection are synced across all the workspaces it is present in. This happens irrespective of whether you are working on them in a team workspace or a personal workspace.

I understand your point of not being able to differentiate between shared collections and private collections while working in a personal workspace, we’ll fix this in one of the future versions. As a workaround, consider organising shared collections in a different workspace or working on shared collection in team workspace itself without needing to share it to a personal workspace (previously “subscribe”).