Cannot access Team API after upgrade/Failed to open/Forced downgrade/Fail to open

I had a a big API collection with hundreds of lines of javascript tests performing fine.

  • Yesterday I upgraded to V10 and published a Team API on Workspaces. It removed the local version.
  • Today I opened posman and it said I cannot open workspace with version 10.
  • It told me to downgrade if I wanted to use it. I did it with the provided link and installed 9.31.
  • Now it says “Upgrade your APP to work with this API” and the collection just shows a “Draft” line.

What can I do? I already tried to upgrade again but it didn’t work. Any way to recover my work? Took me two days to do it.

Update: I forgot to mention that web version gives me an error, too:
draft - My Workspace (

Of course, reload don’t work.

Hi @cryosat-geoscienti15

Have a look for similar issues here (If there isn’t one you can raise an issue);

Thank you,

Those instructions are for setup and configuration issues. My problem happens even using the web interface.

How to raise an issue? I want to report it as a bug.

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Click the link I sent above, Click “New Issue” and then “Bug Report”.