Can not start postman client in win10 laptop

I downloaded and installed postman clinet in win10. But it can not be started up. I never encounter anything like this. Like any installed software tt supposed to be able to start up right away.

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May I know if you have installed the Postman application ( or the agent for the Web (

This appears to be a common confusion lately, if you are trying Postman on the Web - take a look at this screen-record for reference.

I downdloaded Postman Desktop Agent: Windows 64bit in

I just want to use the software to try and test out Jason API.

Sorry to hear you are facing this issue. I would recommend clearing cache as in this doc here - alternatively, you can also install Postman canary and see if that helps.

Please Note: There is no major difference between Postman and Postman Canary, the only difference is that the Canary version gets all the newest releases/updates. This allows you to test all the features in the application as soon as they are built and released in Postman Canary. Both the versions would help you test the APIs the same way.

Postman canary works! Thank you! Postman should remove Postman Agent that really wastes a lot of people’s time.

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Glad to know that Canary helped :tada:

Since a fresh install helped here, clearing cache as in this doc here for the Postman prod application should also work :smiley:

If app can’t be started, all developers who designed it should be focused on issues or leave.
What simplest can be !!! let it run and than do the rest.
Bad design, bad implementation !!