Bug: Runner not coloring iteration number of failures red (v7.19.1)

As of v7.19.1, the runner is not displaying the iteration number of failures in red.

Hey @FlyingHollander,

I’m not even sure that it ever did that, I might be wrong or I totally missed that particular feature.

Looking back through some older screen shots (this is very old) of the runner, I don’t see the iteration number in red for this failed scenario.

Do you have anything to compare your image with that shows the image?

Let me dig through my old screen captures. I just changed to a new laptop so it may take a bit.

Version 7.9.0 displayed colored the iteration number red if a test failed and black if all tests passed. Since I frequently run collections with hundred of different targets this feature was invaluable to quickly track down iterations with problems.

Collection run with errors:

Collection run without errors: