Collection Runner results screen scroll bug

Describe the bug
My Collection Runner pop-up showing the results doesn’t allow me to scroll down. When I scroll down, it automatically goes back to the top. I can see the first results just fine, but as I run multiple iterations I cannot see the results of these. For example, I select iteration 14. The Collection Runner pop-up either goes black, flashes a few times and goes back to the top to iteration 1.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Run Collection
  2. Upload a CSV file
  3. Check results in Collection Runner
  4. Try to scroll down

Expected behavior
I expect to be able to scroll down without a problem.

Additional information
My colleagues run the same version of Postman, same testscripts on the same network and don’t encounter this issue. It used to run fine for me too so something must be up with my personal settings.

First image is the first thing I see when the set has run. This is fine.

Second image is what I see after I select Iteration 6. The screen goes black and Iteration 1 is automatically reselected.

Hello @RemyKempkes, welcome to the community! :wave:

I am not exactly sure what you’re seeing but can you report this on our public tracker on GitHub ?

Along with that can you share a gif/video of this behaviour?
Also, please share your Postman app version and OS along with it so that it’ll help the team with triaging the issue.

Thank you!

H! I have also encountered this issue.
Here is a video of the behaviour in action:

Any considerations on fixing this are appreciated.


Can you please report this on our public tracker on GitHub?

Thank you!

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I saw that this wasn’t raised on the GH Issue tracker so I added the bug myself :slight_smile:

Closing this topic as you will be able to follow this via the linked issue.

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