Runner displays error test results

Unbelievably, the results run by the postman runner are inconsistent with those displayed by the individual tests, which led me to mistakenly believe that all my test cases passed, but in fact they did not.
runner display as below:

bug collection display as below:

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Were all of your changes in the request saved, after that initial collection run?

If you made changes to the request and didn’t save them, the runner wouldn’t be aware of those.

To assist with this you could enable the autosave feature in the settings munu so all changes are save automatically.

i am sure that i had saved all collections.

In addition to the above problems, there is another problem that I cannot open the runner interface when I double-click the collections as a whole. I have found a way to remedy this, which is to select all collections, right-click, and click Run Collection, and then the runner’s running configuration page will appear. This is what happened to the latest version of postman on mac osx, after paid the postman bill.

And the strange thing about this problem is that only the runner under this workspace is like this. I switch other workspaces and everything works fine.

it maybe data error issue?

if you can ,login my account and check
al-service workspace.

Hi @superxingyun.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. If this is working on other workspaces, and not in one, then it might be an issue specific to just your account. Can you raise a suppot ticket here providing your logs, and the ID of the workspace where you’re experiencing this issue alongsides any relevant detail? This will enable us assist you better.

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