Blank screen when I request new access token


Since a couple days back, I’m seeing a blank screen when I hit the Get New Access Token button and subsequently Request Token. The Postman OAuth 2.0 window opens but stays blank:


When it first happened, I noticed there was a notification for a new version of the app, so I did update it to the most recent version (Postman v.7.3.3, Windows 10 app), but that didn’t change this behavior.

I also opened the Postman console and requested a new token, but no events showed up.

I’d be glad if anyone could help me further debug this issue.


Have you tried changing the callback URL to something else?


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Thank you! Worked like a charm.

I wonder why the www. URL that had worked for the past 6 months or so stopped working just like that.

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How you are able to resolve? I am also getting similar error? blank screen.

I still get this error. I’m using OAuth implicit grant type with Amazon Cognito. Their hosted UI works just fine.