Bitbucket pipeline - Could find the newman htmlextra report with docker after the pipeline build is success

Hello Team,
I am trying to implement Bitbucket pipeline to trigger automated api tests written using postman/newman and generating newman htmlextra report.

In my local it is working fine and i can see the htmlxtra report.

At the sametime i mplemented via Bitbucket pipeline using the below. But the newman htmlextra report can’t be found

image: postman/newman
image: dannydainton/htmlextra


  • step:
  • newman --version
  • newman run ./tests/Kings.postman_collection.json -e ./tests/TEST.postman_environment.json --ignore-redirects --reporters=“htmlextra” --reporter-html-export="./tests/newman-results.html" --reporter-htmlextra-logs

Hey @ansarise

My docker image includes nodejs, Newman and the htmlextra reporter so it wouldn’t work like you have it.

You could just do it this way instead:

image: postman/newman

    - step:
        script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
        - newman --version
        - npm install -g newman-reporter-htmlextra
        - newman run Restful_Booker.json -e Restful_Booker_Env.json --reporters cli,htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-export testReport.html
        artifacts: # defining the artifacts to be passed to each future step.
          - testReport.html

Replacing the files and referencing your own.

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