Newman integration with bitbucket

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My question:
Hello community,
Does anyone have any idea about integration of newman tests in bitbucket CI?
Does it exist ?
Any tutorial please ?

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

Hey @automationQA

I’m not sure on the full context of the question, would you be able to expand on that more?

This is a sample project I created which has a pipeline file that shows how you can run a collection, using Newman, in the most basic way:

hello @dannydainton Thank u for helping, I managed to launch my test collection with a simple example developed in golang but I cannot get the results on htmlextrareport


this is my yaml file

Template Go (Golang) build

This template allows you to validate your Go (Golang) code.

The workflow allows running tests, build and code linting on the default branch.

image: goncalt/golang-ci:latest

- step:
name: Run and Test
- go build -o ./test .
- ./test &
- newman --version
- npm install -g newman-reporter-html
- newman run ForTestBitbucket.postman_collection.json -r htmlextra
- report.html

can u help me please?

I see you have this line:

- npm install -g newman-reporter-html

That would be the Postman HTML report and not the htmlextra one.

Also, you need to include this in the Newman command:

--reporter-htmlextra-export report.html

By default, if you don’t specify an export location the report will be created in the /newman directory with the default filename.