Be Careful Upgrading

I don’t know what I did wrong, but I had a bunch of queries saved locally that I built up over many months and when I tried creating a mock server an error popped up about being unable to retrieve version numbers. I decided to try upgrading postman to see if that would resolve the issue and ended up logging into my account, probably for the first time in a long time. After signing in, I kept getting a popup in postman telling me that I needed to upgrade to 7.0. Every time I clicked the button to upgrade it would take me to my account but I never saw a button on the account page saying to migrate to 7.0 like I expected from looking at the documentation on the postman website. Every time I started postman it gave me the same popup and eventually I just clicked “sign out” and as part of that it deleted everything I had locally, which was a substantial amount of work. After that postman started normally, but all of my data was gone.

I don’t understand why as part of signing out of my account it has to delete all my local data, or why postman would ever delete local data, which was created completely outside my account.

I love postman and everything it can do but the account and data management could use a lot of improvement, and this was a horrible user experience, FYI.

Though I did not experience this problem, my update resulted in the “feature” (bug I would say) of a console that no longer allows you to fully select and print more than one request, at a time.

And to even do one request, you have to click a request.

For this reason, I recommend not updating. Now on Version 7.14.0 (7.14.0)

(The issue is known and some workarounds exist, but it has not been fixed after about three months. See Copy from Console broken? Only partial output on clipboard)

p.s.: Also, provide a way to show the raw logs in the console only, w/o having to click on each call. An option for “raw only” would be far more useful than the two new ones “show timestamps” and “hide network” that have been added in newer versions,

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