Badge Submission Didn't Fail Any Tests, How Long Does Review Usually Take?


I submitted my 30 Days of Postman and I was just wondering how long review usually takes (I think it’s been a few weeks now) and if something is wrong, would I get any feedback?


Hey there @moogsin,

Looks like one of the tests didn’t pass, you should have received an email instantly from with that info.
Here’s the test that didn’t pass:

Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections, environment, at least 2 monitors (Day 11 and Day 18), and a mock server.

Feel free to re-submit once you’ve fixed this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I’ll look into that now!

I’ve read the documentation for day 18 several times and I don’t see a place that mentions creating a monitor for day 18. Can you point me in the right direction? Here’s what I see for day 18 documentation:

Having the same problem, was there any follow-up?

I feel like I did everything correctly. I had to move on to work on other certs. I think I’m going to attempt this again from scratch this month.

Hey @moogsin

The failure message here looks quite old and was updated to reflect the correct days that things were expected to be created.

Make sure your Workspace contains all of your Collections, Environments, at least 2 Monitors (Day 11 and Day 29), and a Mock Server (Day 10).

Hello, Danny. I’m planning on redoing the challenge fresh. Thanks for replying back to me.

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