Badge Submission Didn't Fail Any Tests, How Long Does Review Usually Take?


I submitted my 30 Days of Postman and I was just wondering how long review usually takes (I think it’s been a few weeks now) and if something is wrong, would I get any feedback?


Hey there @moogsin,

Looks like one of the tests didn’t pass, you should have received an email instantly from with that info.
Here’s the test that didn’t pass:

Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections, environment, at least 2 monitors (Day 11 and Day 18), and a mock server.

Feel free to re-submit once you’ve fixed this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I’ll look into that now!

I’ve read the documentation for day 18 several times and I don’t see a place that mentions creating a monitor for day 18. Can you point me in the right direction? Here’s what I see for day 18 documentation:

Having the same problem, was there any follow-up?

I feel like I did everything correctly. I had to move on to work on other certs. I think I’m going to attempt this again from scratch this month.