15 Days Challenge for testers Submission Issue


I’ve successfully done the 15days Challenge for testers.

I submitted, how long need to wait to get the badge?
And where will be sent?

Hey @material-cosmonaut22 :wave:

I cannot see any submission for your email address - Did you submit your workspace using the form on the browser?

Hi Danny,

Thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t use the form on the browser.

uto, 9. sij 2024. u 22:49 Danny Dainton via Postman Community <notifications@getpostman.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

Hi Danny,
I received a message after my submission indicating some potential issues, even though all my tests passed when I submitted the collections." Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections at least 18 collections (Check the individual day scenarios for missing Collections), an environment (created on Day 2), an API (created on Day 6), and a mock server (created on Day 13). Also make sure that the name of the workspace doesn’t contain one of the following words: 15, fifteen, postman, day, challenge, test, testers"

Have you checked those individual days tasks and submitted the solution?

If you have changed any of the tests in the submit solution requests, that would also fail the submission too.

Walk through each of the failing days and check them again ensuing that you are following the instructions in the documentation.

It’s not trying to trick you, there will failing tests in there. Look at everything very carefully.

Collections at least 18 collections? I have 16. Twice day two.

Please see the attached video I recorded those days to show you that all passed.

I can see that there are 2 other Collections that are missing from your Workspace. I don’t want to tell you the answer, it would defeat the learning objectives of the challenge.

I would take a look at the documentation for Day 4 and 6 - Read through the instructions carefully and understand what those are asking you to do.

Thank you, I will do that.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for all your support, I added 2 other Collections that are missing from my Workspace but still getting the same failed message.
At least I learned something from these 15 days of Postman, don’t know what to do, because everything seems to work.

čet, 11. sij 2024. u 08:22 Ivica Čunčić <ivica.cuncic@gmail.com> napisao je:

The error message is also informing you about other missing items not just Collections.

Do you have an API created in that Workspace, as part of Day 6.

By default, this section is not displayed on the sidebar (Navigating Postman | Postman Learning Center) but if an API was imported correctly it would be shown.

Is there any way that you can see my work?
Or if I export collections?

čet, 11. sij 2024. u 19:03 Danny Dainton via Postman Community <notifications@getpostman.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

Yep, your work is in a Public Workspace so I can see it all here.


You’re showing an individual Day’s completed tasks in the images but the failure you’re receiving by email is to do with the number of elements present in the Workspace, if all of those were there, you wouldn’t get that message.

This step here on Day 6, is where you should have imported the spec file in the link to create an API and a Collection. This is what’s missing from your Workspace.

From the Learning Center article I previously linked, only some of the elements are displayed by default.

If you had created an API, that section would be in the sidebar - like the Mock Server section in your Workspace.

I had created an API, is this all that I need to do to get the badge?
Please tell me if there is anything else.

čet, 11. sij 2024. u 23:19 Danny Dainton via Postman Community <notifications@getpostman.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

Resubmit for the badge and check the outcome, it’s the only way to found out if you have passed all the tests.

Finally, I got the email you earned the badge😀
Thanks for your help.

But I have some questions do I need to create an account on Canvas Badges to claim the badge or what is the process and what does this badge need to look like?
Will have my name on it?

pet, 12. sij 2024. u 12:35 Danny Dainton via Postman Community <notifications@getpostman.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

That’s the 3rd party service that we use which issues all the badges that are available for the various courses we have.

You have your own “Backpack” which contains all the badges that you have:

The individual certificate will look something like this one:

Thank you so much for your prompt response and help.

pet, 12. sij 2024. u 23:44 Danny Dainton via Postman Community <notifications@getpostman.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

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