Need help with the final submission for 30 days of Postman

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble submitting my final solution for the Postman 30 Days challenge. I’ve completed all of the daily challenges and was able to submit each individual solution with passing tests locally, but every time I try and submit I get the following message:

Hey J. Lewis!

Your submission for the Postman badge (30 Days - for Developers) failed one or more tests.

Please investigate and fix the issues listed below, then save your changes.

Ensure that you run the solution check to verify your changes and then submit again, in order to get your badge.

Make sure your workspace contains all of your collections, environments, at least 2 monitors (Day 11 and Day 29), and a mock server (Day 10).

If further assistance is required, please raise all questions in the Postman Community Forum.

Best regards,

Postman Developer Relations Team

I’ve spent hours working on this and I think the badge is well deserved. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @lewxdev :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community :postman:

Can you share a link to the Public Workspace please?

From that message, it looks like all the elements are not present in the Workspace.

Check the specific days listed in the email and ensure that the Collections, Environments, Mocks and Monitors have all been created as per the instructions.

Hi @danny-dainton

Thanks for responding to this. Here’s a link to the public workspace.

Everything should be there as I double-checked but it’s possible I missed something.

Let me know what you find.


It looks like an issue with your Mock Server, the underlying environment had/has been deleted and that’s probably impacting the way it’s discovered using the Postman API.

I would recommend doing that Day again from the start and then resubmitting, that’s the only thing that I can see that is causing an issue.

Thanks, that was it! I overlooked that.

I deleted the initial environment I created in favor of using the ‘Postman API env’ created for of one of the challenges.

Just earned my badge :smile:

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