Autosave Tab feature

I understand the tab Autosave was a BETA feature but now it has been removed in the latest version. Will the feature be re-implemented in future releases??

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This is still there as a setting in the latest version. Which version are you using?

Do you not see this under ⚙️ > Settings > General?

Same version on two different PCs:
“Postman for Windows
UI version
Desktop platform version
OS platform
win32 10.0.22621”
One have beta option Autosave, another doesn’t.
Windows 10 21H2 - Autosave present.
Windows 11 22H2 - Autosave absent.

I found that it depends on the account used.
On my free personal account option is available. And on paid corporate account option isn’t available.
Maybe beta options are disabled by admin of the team.

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