🔄 Autosave For Requests and Collections

Hey folks :wave: ,

I wanted to start a quick topic to see who’s making use of the Autosave feature for requests and Collections?

I know I’ve been caught out in the past by not saving my tabs :grimacing: - now I don’t have to worry about that now :heart:

You can enable this feature from the ⚙️ > Settings > General section.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and any feedback you may have around the feature :pray:

I don’t have this turned on, but I guess I’m used to saving my work as I go.

There are many browser based cloud applications that have similar issues (I’m looking at you Microsoft).

Once you’ve lost work once, you sort of learn to press save constantly (even when you don’t need to).

Using the Collection Runner and making changes to requests in between runs, was something that caught me out all the time.

I’d be scratching my head thinking “why are the changes I just made in the request not reflected in the last run”…only to see the unsaved changes in the tab :grimacing:

It seems to me to be a great new addition. Not actually tried it out myself (yet), but like you Danny, I’ve been caught out a few times with unsaved tabs. I think what’s important here is that each user has a choice as to whether the feature is for them and can switch it on/off accordingly. I can see when (sometimes) it might be a curse, but so long as the undo functionality can be used to undo changes (in the same session, of course), I think it will benefit the vast majority of users.

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I use it and it works fine :slight_smile:
Just sometimes I make temporary changes for manual tests which, of course, are saved as well. These I have to change back manually again which is a bit annoying, but I also don’t know how you could avoid this, so I’m ok with that :innocent: