Auto Update to to Postman v8.0.3 goes gray after 3 minutes

My Postman was auto updated to v8.0.3 this morning, I am running Windows and it goes grey after 2-3 minutes.
I have eliminated as many possible conditions, connected to ethernet, rebooted several times. Uninstalled and reinstalled v7.34.0 but my global variables do not save so I then upgraded to v8.0.3 again and am getting the same behavior.
I even installed on another PC and receive the same behavior, gray screens.
Any ideas? I’m up for any direction!
Normal screen:

Turns grey after 3 minutes

Hey @sherry.key

Could you send the logs over to please and include a short description of the issue in the email.

You can find the logs at View -> Developer -> View logs in Finder/Explorer.

It will help the team to identify what’s happening here.

Logs sent, thank you for the help!

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