Append test name for Iteration in the Newman template report

Hello, I’m trying to add test case name(from test data sheet) to the Newman template report.hbs using the below code. But just Iteration numbers display instead of iteration+testcase name under Iterations filter. Please guide me

let menu = document.querySelector('#execution-menu .nav');
 let testcaseString = "{{environment.values.reference.testcaseName.value}}";
 let testcaseArray = testcaseString.split("!");
  for(var i = 0; i < totalIterations; i++)
    let li = document.createElement('li');
    li.appendChild(document.createTextNode((i + 1)+" - "+testcaseArray[i]));
    li.setAttribute('id', 'iteration-' + i);

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Hey @satishguda :wave:

This is a very specific question related to a community reporter which has its own repo - Lucky for you, I own it so I’m happy to help you out over there. :smiley:

You would be hard pushed to get an answer from other forum members, based on the very targeted information and the code snippet extract you provided.

I believe this is what you’re after:

I’m going to close this topic and see you over on the project’s repo. :pray:

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