Htmlextra -search withing the tests

@dannydainton thx for closing the issue on github Could you please provide some instructions on how to implement the search feature - searching within a folder or withing the suite.
K.thulsi Doss

I don’t really understand what you mean…

There is a search feature on the tests, within each of the folders. Type in a test name and it will only display that test.

Can you give me a visual example of what you feel is missing? You obviously want something very specific and I honestly have no idea what that is.

If you require an Id on the test name, to search by that, you need to add it to the test name in you collections.

Failing that, please do create your own personal template, modifying the out of the box template is not something I’m looking to do, each time someone has a different usecase to fulfill, this is where user generated custom templates come into play.

@dannydainton this is what i got when i searched for a test case … it gave the response ‘no record found’

If you help to update the template that would be of great help - i mean you could pass on some guidance on how to achieve that.

You’re searching in the context of a single request. The search is then only looking at the text string in the Test Name and then displaying the results.

From that image, it just looks like you’re entering the folder name, as this is not part of a test name, nothing is returned. All of the search boxes that you can see in the requests are all independent of each other.

I’m not making anymore functional changes to the default template unless it’s a issue with something that I have added, at that point, please do submit an Issue on the repo, following the Issue Template Guidelines.

If you require additional features or functionality to meet your own usecase, please create a new template, to add these new things and reference the path to the .hbs file using the --reporter-htmlextra-template flag on the CLI or adding the template property to the htmlextra object within a script.

For example:

newman run collectionFile.json -e environmentFile.json -r htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-template templateFile.hbs

More usage examples can be found here:

I did write a very basic blog post, which I’ve referenced before, about how to start creating your own templates for the reporter:

More information about some of the libraries that I’ve used in the reporter template can be found here:

At the end of the day, the default template that I created is not going to be the one that will work for 100% of people, using the reporter. You are not bound to this or required to use this, the data coming from Newman is exactly the same and is up to the individual to decide how this data is presented in the report.

This is when it becomes fully in the hands of the user, you can go and create something that covers your own unique context.

It’s simply impossible for me to be able to do that for every user.