Add description for each iteration in collection runner

I’m running the collection runner on a post method with same endpoint and using different data in the sheet.

  1. Runner results shows up Iteration1, Iteration2… etc
    It would be easy to understand if test scenario description is provided instead. Any thoughts how to create it?
  2. Is there any way to generate fancy report in collection reporter? If so, whats he process? I’m planning to implement the scripts in CI/CD with a fancy report emailed to all stake holders.

Hi @satishguda. Welcome to the Postman Community!

  1. I don’t understand 1 correctly. Will this be different from descriptions already included at the collection and request level?
  2. If you’re running your collection on the CI using newman, you can use a newman reporter to present the run results as json, html, etc. Read about our built in newman reporters here and external/custome reporters here

If you are using a data file with the collection runner, you can’t change the name of the iteration, but you can customize the name of the tests to help you identify which particular request has failed (or passed).

This is done using backticks and enclosing the variable in ${} like the following example using expectedResult as a variable.

let expectedResult = data.expectedResult // assuming expectedResult is a header in your CSV data file
pm.test(`actual result = ${expectedResult}`, () => {

You should be able to use information from your data sheet to set a variable to use in the customization.

This is using a concept called Template Literals and in particular string interpolation.

Template literals (Template strings) - JavaScript | MDN (

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