Modification of handlebar template (template.hbs) to display results iteration-wise in newman HTML report

Hi all,

How do I modify the handlebar template (template.hbs) so that results are displayed iteration-wise in newman HTML report?

As of now, the report getting generated has all the assertions (from all the iterations) - listed down in one block.
And as many iterations are there - that many number of blocks are repeated with same data i.e. list of assertions.

Version and environment information:

Newman Version - 3.9.3
OS details - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64 bit)
Did you encounter this recently, or has this bug always been there: Was there from quite some time
Expected behaviour: Need to display results iteration-wise for newman HTML report
Command / script used to run Newman:
newman run “” -d “” -n 2 --color --reporters cli,html --reporter-html-template template.hbs --reporter-html-export outputfile.html


I have the same question.
It doesn’t help that the template data sample (from shows no assertion data for each of the executions

do we have an update on this issue ? printing the iterated request in the HTML report ?

I’ve just combined and created a newman reporter called newman-reporter-htmlfull to achieve this.

You can find it on npm:

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