How to read a test name and display as iteration name in htmlextra report next to iteration 1: Collection Name in Total Requests Tab

Currently iteration names in Total Request Tab have same name which is very difficult to identify the intended Test API call. I am just trying to find is there anyway we can change or append name to iteration like Iteration: 1 - - < TestName> .

I am seeing this issue when I create a collection with only one parameterized request where URI and reqestBody read from the data file.

Appreciate your help and guidance to resolve this issue.

Hey @bharathiparamkusam,

Welcome to the community! :star2:

As this is quite a specific question relating to a particular project - Could you raise an issue on the GH repo, using the template to add all the relevant details, please?

I will then be able to help you get to the bottom of the problem you’re facing and hopefully we can come up with a solution together.

Hi , I am not using customized template. it’s default template available in the htmlextra.

Will create issue in GH as you mentioned.