API Test Automation badge verification may not be working?

Hi everyone and Postman team!

Postman and freecodecamp collaborated on creating this small beginner course for test automation. Here’s a link to the workspace with assignments for the course

I’m currently hunting the badges which are provided by Postman, and wanted to get this one too. But for some reason, the verification process for it is either not automated (like for most of the other badges) or isn’t working correctly. After getting this screen

at the badge application page a couple of days ago sadly there is still no progress report. Please reply if there are any problems concerning this application

My workspace id is 3bac58c5-e3c0-456a-ba94-cf4d01d8c747

Hey @swordy777 :wave:

I think @clairefro or her team might be able to help you out here with the badges :pray:

@swordy777 Hi, Andrei. Is your problem solved? It seems that I have the same issue as you described. Please, post feedback if any.

Hi, Ekaterine! Unfortunately no updates on the situation yet. I’m waiting for a feedback from @clairefro just as Danny suggested in a reply above

I’m taking a look at these submissions to see what’s happening.

@technical-architect7 could you tell me which course it was that you completed?

Hey @swordy777

Are you able to confirm if your badge has now been awarded?

@technical-architect7 you should have also received your badge.

I had the same issue as @swordy777. I received my badge (Postman API automation) a while ago and already shared this information on my LinkedIn profile. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Yep, me too! Thanks for resolving this issue, Danny!

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I can’t take all the credit, it was a team effort. :heart:

Thanks to @arlem and @Debo :trophy:

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