Awarded wrong badge?


I received an email to say I had received 2 Postman badges for completing the API 101 and API Tester course.

But when I checked on Postman community it shows the wrong badge.
Here it shows “API Adoption” (which I’ve not done yet) with a green tick instead of Postman API Tester.

Is this something that is easily resolved?
It’s not a big issue but would just be nice to have it aligned.

(I’m aware that this is also the same for @Ru553llT)

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Oops!! :eyes: Let us have a check here.

@kevin-postman @sean.keegan must be aware of this scenario. Also, Congratulations on the badges :tada:

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Hi @w4dd325, thanks for bringing this to our attention! The wrong CSV file must have been uploaded for the wrong badges. I just went in and applied the changes for correct badges, so hopefully they’re good to go now! Please let me know if you see the correct badges now :slight_smile:


All sorted, much appreciated, thank you!

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