15 Days of Postman for Testers Badge Submission Failing (Help, Please!)

Does anyone know what’s causing my submissions to fail for the badge? I’ve double checked everything and I’m not sure what’s wrong. Thanks…

Workspace ID: 6dc37721-a614-41a9-a2ee-58c2e254e8ca

I figured it out.

You need to have an “API” within your workspace even if you don’t use it or have anything in there for the training.

I don’t remember what day exactly but there’s definitely one for which you need to import an API. :sweat_smile:

Congrats on getting the badge!

Thank you! Yes, I had imported APIs, but those showed up in my “Collections” folder…

I had to do the following as a solution to my problem:



@trevorhale93 Ah I see, you need to explicitly select to import as an API, I’ll review the instructions and make sure that part is clear. Thanks!

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