All popups showing weird dark background

We have created an API documentation with light background but the popups are strangely showing up in dark background that looks odd. How can I fix it?

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I believe you are mentioning about the Code i.e. example requests & responses which isn’t customizable as of now. Currently, you can only configure colors for the header background, code background, and highlights by Editing your documentation.

Listening to user feedback has been key to how Postman has grown since it’s early days - feel free to raise this as a feature request using the below link:

Once submitted, our product managers use that feedback to prioritize and add items to our development roadmap :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply but I am not talking about the code section. Say for example the settings box…

Hey @aadravid, yes this appears to be a user interface bug and I was able to reproduce this with the code-gen feature when a darker color is selected as a background:

We’ve filed this bug on our public tracker:

Thanks for reporting this and please follow the same thread on GitHub for updates on the issue.

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