Styling Published Docs properly

Hi all,

We have recently started using Postman, but we’re having issues figuring out how to style a published doc properly.
Here’s a link:

Basically its simple things like increasing vertical spacing between Headers, (e.g. in example, spacing between REQUEST and PATH PARAMETERS headers)
And also increasing spacing between the code block and the Response Objects Fields header.

I would want to avoid doing this via Markdown (if there is such a way) and clean it up with CSS. How can I do that ? It would also be cool to be able to change text color in blues or reds.
As a reference to color coding and how useful it can be, see this JIRA api doc:


There’s no way to add custom styles to the published documentation right now. We’re tracking a feature request to add custom CSS.

Yes custom CSS would be awesome. PLEASE do this soon.