New version is very low contrast

Just upgraded to Postman 8.06 - and I wish I hadn’t.

Unfortunately, the designers seem to have followed the example of the Visual Studio 2019 UI - namely “let’s make it look like a low contrast watermark”.

We have a choice between light and dark themes. I’m afraid I’m very uncomfortable with dark ones, and always choose light. But the light one seems to look at if it’s been made from a translucent image.

My eyesight isn’t brilliant, I suffer from migraines, so comfortable viewing is a must. This UI - like VS2019 - has me straining to see the letters.

Any chance of some more options to customise fonts and contrast? Or some more themes?

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Hey @material-physicist-1

As this is the Postman User Community Forum, it’s not the most direct place to raise these issues or certain feature requests.

I would recommend raising a new issue on our GH Issue tracker, explaining everything and providing some examples. The more details the better :smiley:

It’s the quickest way to get this in front of the Postman Team. :trophy:

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