Missed syntax highlighting in Scripts

Hello here, seems like issue from below topic returns again:

Using the last version of Postman v11.1.2 (Desktop, Win10) I have no highlighting for syntax in Scripts (several versions before such issue was not actual):


Hey @ixus :wave:

Which OS is this on?

Is there a reason for using the very old tests syntax and response body parsing you have here.

Seems strange that you have that mixed with the newer pm.environment.set() syntax. :sweat_smile:

Version and OS are mentioned in the first message.
No need to review my code, thanks.
To avoid further lyrics, another example:

Same problem here, with Postman v10.24.16 (Desktop, Win11)

The issue emerged this morning unexpectedly, without any recent updates. However, yesterday, I performed some installations and uninstallations with version 11.0.6. By the end of the day, I had reverted to version 10, and the issue was not present at that time.

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Hey Folks,

We’re currently taking a look at this issue and we will update the thread once we have more information. :pray:

We’re aware that multiple users of different OS’ will be impacted here.

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same problem with desktop app on macOS (14.3.1 (23D60))

Hey folks,

A fix for this issue has been released for version 11.x builds.

You would need to update to the latest V11 version and then do a “Clear cache and Reload” from the main window menu options, for the change to take effect.

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I have
Version 11.0.12
UI version 11.0.12-ui-240509-0541
Desktop platform version 11.0.12
Architecture x64
OS platform win32 10.0.22631

Do I have to uninstall Postman and reinstall it, and, then, click on “Clear Cache and Reload” ?

It doesn’t work if I only click on “Clear Cache and Reload”.


You need to download/update to the latest version and then use the “Clear Cache and Reload” option.

Hello Danny,

I have the latest version.

I clicked on "Clear Cache and Reload” several times (for 40 minutes), and it didn’t seem to help the syntax highlighting problem. It finally worked 2 minutes ago.

Thank you!

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Works for me now in Postman v11.1.3
Topic can be closed.

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