Dark Theme too Dark How do I Apply Custom CSS?

In this Postman Issue: Visualize (Beta) > table view> Unable to see text when dark theme is enabled 路 Issue #7375 路 postmanlabs/postman-app-support 路 GitHub
there is mention of correcting the Dark Theme so that the text is not so dark. It mentions applying a custom CSS style shown below but I am not sure where I am supposed to add that style. I鈥檝e done a little searching online but did not find anything useful. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


html { background: #fff; }

// your visualizer template

Hey @mrSkowronski,

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Could I confirm that you鈥檙e talking about the text being too dark in a visualiser template? Or are you referring to the whole Postman app.

That鈥檚 what the issue relates too.

I am referring to the Postman App, all of the text is too dark. I use Dark Themes whenever I can, not just at night but during the day, plus I鈥檓 old, so I need a higher contrast than the current theme offers in order to see the text.

I was hoping this would fix it for me at least in one spot and I might discover other elements I could apply a similar fix for.

Unfortunately, that was only in reference to the background colour of the template rendered in the Visualizer.

Currently, there isn鈥檛 any functionality in the app to modify the CSS.

Thanks for the details Danny. I鈥檒l file a feature request.

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Please share the link to your feature request, so we can upvote it, replicate or whatever, so it gets a higher priority or something

Hey @esanchezrocket,

There are a number of different theme related issues open in our tracker.

This one seems the most common, please add your upvote here.

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