Accidentally deleted a Collection

Hello Postman-team,

i wanted to delete my history in the macOS Postman App, but accidentally deleted my collection.

Is there a way to restore it?!

Thanks a lot,

Hey Dennis – Check your direct messages :slight_smile:.


Can you post the solution here, as i too face a similar problem.

@lokeshwrn A self-serves solution is in the works, but I can restore any deleted collections that we’ve backed up from our end.

I’ve sent you a direct message with the information I need.

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I have a similar issue. However, I didn’t delete my Collections, they just were not there the next time I brought up Postman :slight_smile: Can they be restored? The last time I used them was about five weeks ago.

Hi, I also faced similar issue. My collection was there till the time i did not sign out , post sign in i am not able to see one of my collection, i worked on same collection today. But now, nothing is there related to collection i.e. collection runner results along with collection. Kindly suggest

@sonika.goyal and for others who’ll be referring to this post in the future.
Here’s some good news:

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