About Images in DevPost Submit


I want to use postman and another governmental icons images in collages used to submit from.

I feel use these icons helps to identify what APIs will be used in Public Workspace.

  1. Is it possible use Postman icons and from other governmental institutions in image used project submission?

  2. Should be problem with copyright rules?

  3. A message “warnnig about images” in submit form could be a good solution to avoid any problem in judgement process? A message like: “The author of this workspace not involved with Potman or Owner of Public APIs requested in Public Workspace developed”.

Good questions. I don’t work for Postman, but here are some resources that might help…

I’m not clear on how you plan on using the icons. For Postman icons, if you use the icons at the bottom of the https://www.postman.com/company/press-media/ page and don’t alter the color, and include a message that you are not involved in Postman then perhaps it would be okay as long as it would not mislead the user? https://www.postman.com/legal/trademark-policy/ has advice and also mentions a legal@postman.com email alias – so maybe you can try asking there as well?

As for using other institutions images, I would say look for their press, legal and terms pages, as that is usually where they put the restrictions.

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