Feedback on project/workspace management

I’m currently evaluating if we want to use Postman in our work project and I wanted to give some feedback on the workspace/project management options in the application. I feel like it is uneccessarily hard to collaborate in a team.

In my work we use API’s from different vendors in the software we develop. Often times we need to test the API’s during development, or test certain parameters to troubleshoot production incidents. For that purpose a tool like Postman is needed to test and analyze outputs from those API’s. Previously we have used soapUI for this, which provides an easy way of saving a project to disk, which we then store in our code repository as a kind of tools inclusion. But with Postman it seems like your idea is to share workspace data over some type of account solution (save button doesn’t even give an option to save to file). Account based sharing scales very badly with changes to team members and would require constant management by someone. After a bit of digging I found a way to export and import workspace data to disk, but it requires constant saving and importing to use.

It would be much better if workspace could be pointed to a place on disk (in my case a code repository) and it would be automatically updated when I make changes and save the project, which I can then commit to version control. And so that any changes I get from the repository is loaded when I open Postman.

To me the workspace management in Postman just seems uneccessarily comlicated (or just limited by design?).

It is my experience that applications like soapUI does this much better than Postman. For this reason I will probably not keep using Postman in my project.

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