Couldn't access workspace. API First

I submit my workspace to get a badge and the response is “Couldn’t access workspace. Make sure your workspace is publicly accessible and that you’ve submitted using the correct ID.” The ID is correct, the workspace is public. What to do ? Here is the link to the workspace Postman

I can confirm that the work space is public.

Therefore, what course is this, and what are the instructions for submission?

Do you just have to enter the workspace ID, or do you have the put the full URL including the Postman workspace API details?

Course API First training

Instructions for submission

In the form to receive a badge you need to enter the workspace ID

It looks like you should only need to put your workspace ID rather than the full API URL.

I don’t know why this isn’t working, so I suspect someone who works for Postman will have to look into this one.

I specify the workspace identifier…I tried the url too, it doesn’t help. (((

Where should I go for help?

There are several people who work for Postman that post on here regularly.

For example. @danny-dainton

Hopefully one of those will be able to have a look. I think they have access to the backend logs that help pin point issues with submissions.

All I can really say is that you appear to have the correct workspace ID, and the collection appears to be public.

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Thx. I’ll try to contact someone from postman.

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