Love Postman, want to learn all I can do, but I am a newbie

48 hours ago I was sick of using API for an APP, and didn’t know Postman , now I just see opportunities, thanks for all the videos that have helped at lot.

My reason for using Postman is to manage CMS data from a systems API, where especially mass import function is of interest, and I have setup Project in Postman to import data from a CSV/JSON file, and so my question is…

Will it be possible to run my collection in a external environment, so other people using the same system, could use their CSV/JSON file to import their data, and again, I sorry that I sound a bit of a beginner, just want to learn.

Kind Regards


Hi Tom! Welcome to the Postman community. Glad the tutorial videos have been helpful :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s doable. Are these other users part of your team/company, or completely external collaborators?

What I would do is to keep those collections in a workspace that others can access. If you click on your existing workspace, you should be able to see the visibility–if you’re working with others on your team, then set it to team. If you’re working with folks that are not part of your team (say, another company or an individual without a team) then set visibility to public. This documentation will help guide you :slight_smile:

Your colleagues can request access to specific collections. Or, they can fork the collection, upload the data files, and submit a pull request for you to merge. Here’s some documentation around version control.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


Also, we :heartpulse: :heartpulse: newbies! We’re all here to celebrate your learning process.


Hi Hannah

Thanks for your reply

These other people is unknown to me, they just have the same interest to do the same as I want to do, just with their own data.

I will have a look into using workspaces, maybe that could solve my issue

Thank you for your information

Kind Regards

Ah okay, so these other people are not adding their data files to your collection, they might just benefit from having the same knowledge/a template? In that case, public workspaces is definitely the way to go!

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Hey @tomkure! Like Hannah said, we :heart: newbies and you’re in the right place! You’ll find all sorts of folks are happy to chime in and help out, whether it’s Postman employees or just other valued members of the community.

You may also be interested in a live stream we’re doing on May 4th. We’re doing two live sessions of Postman 101 followed immediately by Office Hours! Postman 101 is a chance to be introduced to Postman in general, and Office Hours is a chance to ask Postmanauts any questions you may have live. A great time is had by all :slight_smile:

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