30 days of Postman - Day 27

Hello Postman community!
I am on Day 27 challenge and I am stuck on the “Set up authorization” step.
By following the instructions I modified the email and password in the body of the POST-User create endpoint and when I hit send I get: “unable to create user”.

{{baseUrl}} collectionVariable is set as “https://www.unbreakableapi.com” as instructed.

Are there chances that this API is not working? Am I missing something?
I’ve watched “How to break an API” video (How to break an API - YouTube) and I never saw these calls during the video. I was able to successfully get and admin token, but doesn’t work for this exercise.

Will appreciate any help/tip you could provide.


@joyce, could you confirm if this Unbreakable API Lite API and instructions are still good? Thanks!

@URY-SebaP - I’m getting the same error. We’re trying to work with the API provider to see if we can reboot it. In the meantime, can you come back to this challenge?

And thank you again for finding all the breaking changes :sweat_smile:


Thanks @joyce for getting back to me :slight_smile:
Breaking stuff and finding broken stuff is kinda my thing :joy:
I’ll keep moving forward with the other challenges, but I am afraid I’ll run of the 30-days… and definitely don’t want to pass the 30-days challenge doing partial stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello @joyce!
do you know if this has been fixed? I continued and submitted the 30-days challenge pull request without passing the 2 that have been failing for me, and I got the pull request declined.
Happy to do all the ones missing (21 and 27) once they are fixed.


Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t realize that was day 27. Go ahead and submit the pull request again.

And Day 27 is an especially important lesson, which will take you far in the Postman realm, so definitely make sure you understand scenario testing or feel free to loop back once it’s fixed.

Hey @joyce!
I’ll submit the pull request again.
I love badges as much as I love challenges, so I’ll make sure to do it once it is fixed (21 and 27 for me :slight_smile: )


I am getting 401 - Unauthorized for end point https://www.unbreakableapi.com/api/user/
Can someone please help on this issue?

Just confirming that this is still happening. A POST to https://www.unbreakableapi.com with body

{"email": "foo@bar.com",
  "password": "qwerty"}

just gets me a 401 response with body

{ "message": "unable to create user." }
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Hello Guys, I’m stuck in this challenge too. Following the documentation instructions (Step 5 -Add a scenario), it says to duplicate these requests:

  • POST User Login
  • GET Get User Information
  • GET Account summary
  • GET User Logout
  • GET Account summary

The problem is the ‘Get User Information’ request doesn’t exist in the API definition, how can I fix this??

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Hi Rafael!

For this one, you will want a GET request to the /user endpoint and pass user info in the request body such as an email_id and phone.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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Hi Rafael,

See below solution