Day 27 of Postman 30 Days Challenge

Hi guys
so i am stuck on day 27 of postman 30 days challenge
ive done everything fine according to my knowledge
can someone pls help me

The collection runner is telling you that the requests are failing the status code checks. Failing with what, I can’t tell and you’ll need to dig into the requests to find that out.

Not sure what you expect on a forum when you just post a collection run results with a bunch of failures in without providing any info on the request and responses.

Run the requests manually in the folders, and check the responses and tests you’ve created.

Use the console logs.

If you are at day 27 of 30, this type of troubleshooting should be second nature by now.

On a side note, the scenario doesn’t appear to be matching what the documentation asks for.

  • User Login.
  • Get User Information
  • Account Summary
  • User Logout
  • Account Summary again (which should now return a 403 status code)

If I have to hazard a guess, the subsequent requests after the user login are failing with authentication errors.

Yes, it was my bad that I did not properly explain my problem and what i had done. I was careless and in a hurry to submit my day 30 pull request to get the badge as i was running for time as well (the only obstacle was the day 27 part).
And also, thank you for your response, I have solved the problem. It was authentication errors.