Day 27 Scenario testing - unable to create user

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My question: In day 27 scenario testing module, It’s mentioned as we’ll get a token in the response after passing the username and password. But i’m getting response as unable to create user. Am i doing anything wrong in here ?

*Details *:

I’ve already tried: Tried passing different creds, or any other params need to passed , i’m not sure. I think it’s an API error itself, Anybody else facing this?

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Hey @rajesh97 ! Please check this post:

Happened the same to me.



Thanks for the intimation. can I submit without doing this challenge or should I wait until this gets sorted out?

Just here to confirm that this is still happening, last try today.

This is still occurring, does anyone have an update. Can I submit without completing this challenge?

Works for me if i used name instead of email (without @ and . characters)