Postman Day 03 Challenge Fails

Hey @material-engineer-46 :wave: , Welcome to the commnity :partying_face:

Seems like there is an issue in your ‘Add request details’ folder.

  • Make sure you have created a request with the method POST
  • Make sure the name for that request is ‘raw JSON body’

Don’t forget to save after doing updates.

Hope it help,
Good luck!

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Awesome. Thank you. It worked after changing the name of the request. Hope I get good debugging skills like you :grinning: once I complete this 30 day challenge.


Great to know that you were able to make it work and pass all the tests! :ok_hand:

Here’s a small TIP for debugging: If something goes wrong, check the console tab for hints, usually the console will guide you to where the mistake exists and the 30-day challenge is a great example to get used to it.

Good luck in your next challenges! :slight_smile:

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Definitely will follow that :+1:

Hi there!
One issue that I had with Day 03 that I wanted to share with you and anyone else that maybe working on this is to remember that there are 2 separate uid

This lesson calls for collection_uid - which can be found at the top folder > info side bar

I actually ended up using the id of the request itself ( request > info sidebar ) which caused an error and was tough to debug :see_no_evil:

Just a cautious reminder! there are 2 separate types of IDs - Collection ID and Request ID , try not to confuse one with another :wink:

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I have same problem. My ID = ID of collection, my Token = token of my Postman. My solution not working. Please help?

Okey, i see my error. I have name POST request “New Request”, bad right name = “raw JSON body”/ Its my mistake. Thanks for Profile - bbahadur - Postman

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