15 Days of postman for testers - Day 6 API isn't working

I just started working on Day 6 Challenge and I see that requests aren’t being sent and I’m getting this error


I have the same problem with 30 Days of Postman challenge. (Day 27: Scenario testing, Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Could you give the name of API for Day 6 of 15 Days of Postman challenge?

The API for this challenge is called the Good Bank API

http://security.postman-breakable.com refuses connection

Hey everyone, while we figure out while this doesn’t work can you try using either of these instead?

  • https://www.unbreakableapi.com/
  • https://unbreakable-api.herokuapp.com/

If these still don’t work please bear with us while we work on a fix and move on to the next day in the meantime!


I found your requests doesn’t work for mine. It give me the error Not Found

Could you help me to figure out what am I missing ?
Thank you :grin:

I think we’ll have to wait for a fix, as @arlem suggested. The two new URLs/endpoints ending with ‘/user’ do not work (404 Not Found).


It seems that three of the URLs aren’t working at all.

I will try again in the next few days. By the way, I would like to know if the Body request of this API will be like this:
“username”: " ",
“password”: " "

May you have a look and tell me if it is right or wrong. Thank you so much.

Hey everyone!

Looks like it’ll be a bit longer than planned to get this back up and running, in the meantime I’ve disabled the tests from our end so you can still submit for the badge and not get stuck by it.

I’ll keep everyone updated when it’s fixed so you can give it a try later. :slight_smile:

Apologies for this!


Aaaaand we’re back! You can now use the http://security.postman-breakable.com/ again.

Thank you all for your patience. :pray:


I am getting this forbidden error in Day 6. Ca anyone help me with this?

@keerthanavenu The API response tells you why it’s not working :slightly_smiling_face:

Her’s an example :
username : John
password : 123RTYfgh

  • The ^ is an anchor that ties this position of the regex to the start of the line.
  • The [0-9] is a character list and will match any single character that falls into the sort range between 0 and 9.
  • The [a-zA-Z] again is a character list and will match characters(1) that fall between a and z and in addition those that fall between A and Z.
  • The + means “one or more of the previous”
  • The $ is an anchor that ties this position of the regex to the end of the line.