Latest update of Postman on macos erased all collection data

I just opened Postman and found out all of my collection requests have been erased. I couldn’t figure out what had happened and tried to find any backups, however there was nothing (in application support folder on Macos)
I tried googling this incident and found this thread: Collections moved after update 10.18.x - #21 by honac19120

I can confirm your latest update f*cked everything up and erased all of my data which I kept updating for months.

I can’t import any collections now and I only have some requests in the history tab on Postman which are only 4-5 days ago as maximum.

I have no idea what could even cause that, but I assume you pushed an untested update that randomly erased the data for not signed-in users.

I had to sign up to post here and to continue using Postman.

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We announced back in May that will be sunsetting the Scratchpad.

You can use the :gear: > Settings > Data section, to either to Migrate the data from Scratchpad into a Workspace or Export the data in a single dump file