What is Key and email_key

Hi I am new to the API concepts Can somebody tell me that what to enter here and where in the request

Hi there! If you’re using the student expert template just import into Postman using the Run in Postman button, send the first request and the responses should guide you through next steps.

Hi Suesmith Thanks for the quick response.I am attaching the images below I am getting these Errors!

Hi Suesmith,I have imported the template .Went on to the execute the first get request–>Start with training and this error is popping up.

Ok I got the issue i was using Postman Web Just now Switched to Postman Agent !:slight_smile:

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Oh good - it’s best suited to the desktop app so if any of the instructions don’t match what you’re seeing I’d switch to that. If you run into any other issues our learning center is also worth checking out: https://learning.postman.com/

Hi suesmith I have completed the training!What to do next?

Great! When you completed the Skill check request there should have been instructions on filling out a form where you can request your student expert badge. If you can complete that we will check through your collection!

Hi suesmith!I have submitted the form.

Great we will get back to you within the next few days!

Just awarded your Postman Student Expert badge @megheshshenoy3! :medal_sports::tada:

Thankyou Suesmith!:slight_smile:

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Are There any more Badges?:slight_smile:

Not quite yet :grin: but hopefully soon!