Unable to make a request present in Student Expert collections, probably due to authentication or server-side issue

:wave: PM Community,

Hope you’ll are doing well!
I am writing this post today seeking your help for the below explained issue. I kindly request someone to please help me on this. 🧑🏻‍💻

I applied for Postman Student Expert a week ago, today I planned to start on the task and complete the program at the earliest; however the first request is throwing me this error [referring to screenshot].

Steps to reproduce: Fork Student Expert > Select 1. Begin training - Requests > Click Send > Response is above screenshot as HTML code

  • Do I need to signup for glitch account and pass the username and email address used while signup as auth key?
  • Is that… why I am seeing this error or is it service down situation?
  • Or Is it something my application not yet approved and as in when they do I can consume this collection and get my skills verified?
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Hello @prnam,

There is some error from the server-side, We are on it and it will be fixed soon. You don’t need to take any action at this point in time, once it is fixed I’ll update you here so that you can continue the training.

Oh! Okay, I’ll keep my :eyes: on this thread. Hoping it will fixed soon. Can’t wait to learn and validate my skills through this program. Thank you, @ialimustufa for the update. :relaxed:

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@prnam The error is resolved and now you can continue the training. Happy Learning!

It’s working now! Thx much, @ialimustufa :slightly_smiling_face:

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