What does the setting "always open sidebar item in new tab" supposed to do?

I have tested the setting “always open sidebar item in new tab” both OFF and ON, but am not understanding the functionality since I do not see a difference in behavior. As an example, If I click on a response test a tab for it is opened. If the option is ON and I click on that same request should another tab open? If so, that is not working.

The setting does not apply to opening items or tabs WITHIN a request. It applies to sidebars items (on the left side). For example, if you click on a request or collection, it will open in a new tab, instead of replacing the tab you are working on.

Thank you for the explanation and that does work. Is there a setting that will prevent from opening new tabs for items within a request? When I am working on 50 requests, I usually work on one, finish it and move to the next. I prefer (at times) when I open a new request additional tabs are not opened.
For my process I create a collection and then folders within the collection. Within a folder I have my requests.