Weekly send an email, following a request


I’m new to postman but I can make a request to a url and download the response CSV file without an issue.

I need to know if it’s possible to weekly run this request and send the CSV file to my email address? Also two params value would have to change weekly.

Thanks you.

Hi @adrianvip1 Warm welcome to the Community :bouquet:

It’s great to know you are able to download the CSV response without any issue.

To run the same collection/requests on weekly basis you would need to set up a monitor for it.

But again, setting up monitor will send you the details of the run and if you need the attachment to be sent you can consider using any public API and add it your requests and try sending email from it.

For example,

Along with your existing requests you can try adding the gmail API and configure the email ID of yours’s to receive the attachments. I haven’t actually tried this approach before, but I believe there are few other public API’s for sending emails.

Seems like an interesting use case :blush: All the best!!

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