How to get response of the scheduled collection?

I am new to Postman. I guess my question is an easy one, by running the collection manually, I can get the response (which is a log file from an SaaS platform). As I have to get the log regularly, using monitor to run the collection seems to be a solution. However, how can I get the response of the collection under schedule in monitor?

What are you going to do with the response? Based on your answer, suggestions will vary.

Thanks for the update. It is a log file returned in xml format, with size around 10MB.

From what you describe, Postman Monitors is not the best tool for what you need.

I tend to believe that Postman itself is not the best tool for the job. Since what you are trying to do remains unclear, I would simply suggest you use cURL to make the HTTP call in a CI/CD server like Jenkins, GitLab CI, … which will allow you to schedule your jobs.

Thanks for update. What I need to do is a weekly log collection process. Whenever the API is called, the API response would be a audit log file of a SaaS system in around 10MB, which I need to keep for compliance process, and Postman is the tool suggested by the SaaS vendor. If Postman is not suitable for this job, I would look for another tool, thanks.

Which tool would be easier for beginner to setup scheduled API call?