Check if response value is null, download link when no longer null

Is it possible to add a test script to postman to loop the call then automatically download the reportAccessSecureLink once it is populated in Postman? This link does not appear instantly in the return body and returns null for about 5-25 min until populated with the link. I have a created a postman flow and would like to automate this to a daily download to a network drive.

This is how the response is initially returned…


When the report is ready…

    "value": [
            "executionId": "fefc3037-7a70-4210-9732-223a9b1e4429",
            "reportId": "89d5ac38-41bb-44a9-b11e-93c575b7fad1",
            "recurrenceInterval": -1,
            "recurrenceCount": 1,
            "callbackUrl": null,
            "callbackMethod": null,
            "format": "csv",
            "executionStatus": "Completed",
            "reportLocation": " Usage_xxxxxxx.csv",
            "reportAccessSecureLink": "",
            "reportExpiryTime": null,
            "reportGeneratedTime": "2022-07-26T15:04:39Z"
    "nextLink": null,
    "totalCount": 1,
    "message": null,
    "statusCode": 200,
    "dataRedacted": false

Hi @spacecraft-observer7

Off the top of my head, you could look at setting up 2 monitors.
One to run the initial request and the second to download the report.
You could then set the monitors to run once a day 20-30 minutes apart.

Thanks @w4dd325, I’ve never utilized an api call to download from a response. How is that configured? I guess I’m having more issues downloading the report at this point.

Not done it myself but I would guess that this “send and download” option might help;


The blue “send” button has a little arrow next to it where you can select this option.

Alternatively, you could have a look at this link (there is a “run in postman” button);