Visualization view is very good but not getting same code

Hi i have tested one api and got very good result from visualization view but only issue i am not getting code in c# with visualation view like convert to json in datatable.

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Could you please update your questions to expand on the context here, it’s not clear what your trying to do or what these differences are that you’re seeing.

I’m unsure of the code you are using in your C# implementation and what your expectations are here?

Dear Danny,

Thank you for you reply.

I have test one Api and result coming two way one from json format because api belong to json and second result which i see in Visualize TAB which is very good result in like table format.

i received the code in c# but there is result only in json, i need result in like same visualize view.

Attached picture for your reference.

The code snippet to the right is only for the request and response, so if your API is returning JSON, then that is what you will get.

The visualize tab is using a library called Handlebars.JS that allows you to visualise the JSON response in HTML.

Introduction | Handlebars (

It’s a JavaScript library build on Node.JS (which is what Postman is built on).

If you want to format your response in a table, you will need to search for a c# library for this purpose.

Have a look at the following (which doesn’t even require a library).

Building json2table: Turn JSON into an HTML table (

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