Visualizations using external Datatables Library

We have implemented a number of visualizations using the open source tool datatables. That tool takes json data into a table format.

For 3 years these have worked well within postman. The reason for selecting this visualization is that it allows data to be downloaded to a CSV file - meaning you have the ability to work with csv based apis and contstruct inputs to those apis using your output - but can also see them nicely in a table format.

Starting with one of the last two releases - the excel export button within datatables no longer works with these visuals.

We understand that postman only allows certain cdjns script libraries to be called - is anyone aware of postman deliberately eliminating capability? This was working for 2 years – now not. We have attempted updated all cdjns script pointers - but to no avail. Interestingly their copy to clipboard function works. Just not the excel (csv) download.