Help with vizualize results

Hi All,

I am trying out the visualize option in postman results and followed the steps from Postman guide. But I couldn’t see the results in a tabular column as expected. I am using "" with get method.



But i can see the results in pretty format.

Can you please point out what I am doing wrong please.

Hey @kartikraja,

In the examples, it would have been looping through an array [ ] of data in the response.

It would have needed to use the handlebars {{#each}} ... {{/each}} block to do this but because that API you’re calling is just a single object { }, it doesn’t need to use this block.

You would only really need to do something like this to see the response values in the table:


This post by @sivcan might be able to help you out, he’s created a template that would allow you to present any JSON response in a table.

Just doing a quick check, it would look something like this for you:


Thank you so much. This cleared my doubt.

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